Solutions MSP/VMS

Endurix, our MSP solution, partners with large companies to centralize their Temporary Labor Program.

We partner with Procurement, Human Resources, and Compliance departments to align the focus of the Program.  We partner with several VMS technologies to bring the best software solution for the organization.

Some of the benefits of engaging with our MSP are:

Finance – Standardized rates, Aggressive discounts, Invoice validation, Invoice consolidation, Custom interfaces, Reverse billing, Payment to suppliers, Tax filing/Global EOR, Reporting, Analytics,

Supplier Management – Contracts Administration & Enforcement, Compliance Monitoring, Service Quality Tracking, Diversity Spend, Supplier Auditing, Reviews, Sourcing, and Mentoring.

Risk – Correct Worker Classification, Co-employment management, Insurance Coverage, Workman’s Compensation, NDA’s, W2 enforcement, Provisioning – Facilities Security and IP/Asset Protection.

Technology – System Administration, Manager User Management, Business Rules, Approval Authorities, User Training, Program Support, New User Setup (Suppliers, Service Providers, End Users).

Process – Proper Classifications, Order Distribution, Candidate Screening, Candidate Submittals, Interview Scheduling, On-Boarding, Off-Boarding, Performance Surveys, KPIs/SLAs, Ongoing Improvement, Best Practices.

We have the ability to support your organization in Staff Augmentation and SOW.