Client Services Hiring Process

Endurix National Staffing aims to facilitate the most effective, customized onboarding process from start to finish.

We understand that each client is unique; therefore we implement our recruiting efforts in regard to each specific client that we enter into a partnership with.

We typically begin our onboarding process with an orientation call between the Endurix team and the client’s on-site team, where we would utilize the opportunity to introduce our team and familiarize ourselves with the client’s program. This step would be followed by a discovery phase, where we would grant the program with a senior account manager to serve as the main point of contact and recruiting leader. This account manager would exist as the day-to -day contact for the designated on-sight team; they would communicate with on-sites to schedule interviews, determine start dates, collect feedback on candidate performance and follow up on any contract or system related issues.

In addition to the senior account manager, a handcrafted team of niche-focused recruiters would also support the clients program. Once the discovery phase is complete, the senior account manager would distribute requisitions to the recruiting team based upon specific skill set. We hold our recruiting team to the highest standards; each member specializes in high-volume national VMS recruiting and have metrics based on submittals, interviews, placements and retention rates. Our recruiters understand the importance of identifying KPI’s early on and work steadfastly to meet those KPI’s.

Endurix National Staffing operates on a national basis, spanning across all fifty states, and will soon include the entirety of North America. Our three national recruiting centers are strategically located to reach across all four time zones and operate as a 24/7 production.