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Accounting and Finance

Endurix National Staffing’s Accounting and Finance division focuses on developing a strong career path for accounting and finance professionals nationwide. We serve as a personal career advisor, assisting job seekers with staffing support at all levels of experience from entry level through senior management, in a wide range of accounting and finance fields.

At Endurix, we are committed to advancing the professional careers of our active candidates. We help connect those in need of reliable job search support and guidance in the field of accounting and finance to the competitive opportunities with the top-notch companies. We aim to provide candidates with the resources they need to shape a career path that will both manufacture their success and drive them to meet their goals.


Administrative leaders are oftentimes the organizational infrastructure of any successful business. At Endurix, we recognize this importance and dedicated ourselves to helping mobilize the career paths of administrative professionals nationwide.

We know the job search process inside and out; we understand the obstacles associated with finding a new job. When you partner with Endurix, you partner with a wide network of well established, industry-driven professionals. Our administrative recruiting team aims to gain an explicit understanding of each candidates career goals in order to identify and provide them with job opportunities that will help them meet their ambitions.

Our team of recruiters and account managers are extremely well versed in the vocabulary of administrative staffing; we know what separates a job from the job. At Endurix, we keep close relationships with hundreds of companies, nationwide, and carefully make placements that we know will contribute to mutually beneficial success. Additionally, we take extra measures to ensure that we are not only providing you with the best positions available, but that the work culture will also match your personality, work ethic and energy level.

When you want to further your administrative career, Endurix has got you covered.


Endurix National Staffing aims to create strong and trusted partnerships that will be a reliable source for our IT candidaites. When it comes to Information Technology, we understand that meeting professional career goals goes hand in hand with strategic advancement. We also know that the field of Information Technology is quickly and rapidly evolving, making pinpointing the right job exceptionally difficult. Not with Endurix.

At Endurix National Staffing, our niche recruiters use their years of specialized industry expertise to provide dynamic resources and competitive opportunities specifically designed to enhance the careers of IT professionals nationwide. We aim to build rewarding relationships with both the candidates that we serve and the companies that we partner with.


Endurix National Staffing is committed to building the careers of driven Light Industrial workers nationwide. From direct-hire placement to contract staffing and from outsourcing to consulting services, Endurix is a trusted source for light industrial career guidance and support. We work with a broad range of reputable clients to make placements in various industries including, but not limited to, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Retail and Manufacturing, Telecommunication, and Utility.

In order to find a position that will advance their career, all active job seekers need a specialty recruiter. Endurix’s light industrial division is made up of niche, industry-focused professionals with over 25 years of combined LI experience. Our specialists use their in-depth business knowledge and expert intuition to provide career support and competitive job opportunities to our candidates, ultimately pairing them with opportunities that will meet their goals, match their lifestyle and create mutually beneficial success.


When it comes to career development, Endurix is a dependable source for legal professionals, nationwide. Endurix National Staffing’s legal staffing department prides itself on being the modern solution for legal career support, providing competitive opportunities in corporate legal departments, sole practitioners, and law firms of all sizes.

Our specialty recruiters not only provide diverse career services and resources, but they will also present our candidates with opportunities in any field of law and at all levels- whether you are a licensed attorney or a mailroom clerk. Endurix offers the best legal career openings in the area to ensure that we are your staffing agency of choice. We provide a supportive environment with outstanding benefits, training resources, and more. When you partner with Endurix National Staffing, you gain immediate access to both opportunities and continued support.


As your career support system, Endurix provides dynamic and lucrative career opportunities and resources for medical professionals nationwide.

We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate successful job placements and accredit our success to our hands on recruiting model. Our credentialed professionals with experience in real medical settings and operations have helped us establish a track record of tangible results. We are a dependable job matchmaker; our proactive approach to recruiting and customer services ensures that we have the best positions available at all times so that when our candidates are ready to advance we are readily available to help them made that change.

Our dedication to finding the best position for every candidate means that we identify career goals early on and tap our extensive network with your specific needs in mind. At Endurix, we keep close ongoing relationships with not only job seekers but also with top-notch medical institutions in a number of cities across the country. We strive to find jobs that stimulate the success of our candidates and clients.


At Endurix National Staffing we understand the value that scientific professionals hold within an organization. Just as scientists are dedicated to advancing knowledge in their industry, Endurix team memberes are devoted to advancing careers. Our scientific staffing program is niche focused and specifically designed to cater to the unique professional needs of each individual candidate that we partner with.

Our scientific recruiting team has years of experience and are each highly versed in the vocabulary of scientific staffing. At Endurix, we know what companies are looking for in an employee and we know what candidates are looking for in an employer. We work around the clock to make that mutually beneficial match happen.


Endurix National Staffing is made up of niche focused industry professionals that have in-depth knowledge and long-standing relationships within the realm of telecommunications. Our expert recruiters work hard to understand what our candidates and clients are looking for and know how to use that information to make a mutually beneficial match between the two.

Endurix National Staffing recruiters have the experience and capabilities to serve as an agile staffing partner. Whether you are a project manager or an engineer, our manpower and resources will help you fulfill your career goals.


Audio and visual professionals are dedicated to facilitating communication; oftentimes the success of a business or an event depends on it. At Endurix, we recognize the value that AV experts bring to an organization and aim to provide resources and opportunities that will perpetuate the ongoing success of our candidates and our clients.


Security staffing professionals dedicate their careers to making sure business operations and events run smoothly, effectively and, most importantly, under the highest possible level of safety and comfort. General security measures have seen an increate in the recent years, which means that the field of work is more valuable than ever and the demand for professional, high quality, security staffing is high.

That’s where we come in: to match top-notch security professionals with the best positions and opportunities available in today’s market. Along with in depth experience, Endurix National Staffing recruiters have the knowledge and capabilities to serve as an agile staffing partner and ultimately help candidates fulfill their career goals.


At Endurix, we aim to pair the best engineering talent with top-notch, competitive opportunities. Just as engineers work to facilitate innovation, we at Endurix work to stimulate the careers and business functions of candidates and clients nationwide.

We take a hands-on approach to recruiting and aim to provide opportunity, guidance and lasting relationships to all of the job seekers that we partner with.