Candidate Services Hiring Process

As professional career advisors, Endurix National Staffing team members aim to ensure that career beginnings are an exciting time for the candidates that we place.

We have found that success stems from positive relationships, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that our candidates are comfortable and satisfied with our services at all times.

Once we find a candidate that we feel has great potential, we begin our relationship with them by working to learn as much about the candidate’s career history and career goals, as possible. Based off of this information, we search our databases for possible jobs that might be a good match for them. If nothing is available at that time, we keep their record on file and maintain communication with them so that when the right opportunity does arrive, we have them on hand. When a successful match is found, Endurix provides all of the resources, background information, screenings etc. for the candidate in order to facilitate a smooth and comfortable on boarding process.

We have an open door policy in place for our candidates; we routinely reach out to our candidates to check up on their status and no call from them goes unaddressed. Between our routine follow-ups and the candidate satisfaction survey’s that we distribute at the completion of each assignment, we are able to identify the satisfaction and effectiveness of our candidates that set the stage for lasting relationships.