About Us Team

Endurix National Staffing Team


Our specialty recruiters were intentionally raised and developed alongside the growth of adjusting to the ways of these management systems, our recruiters have been busy perfecting their strategy. They know the ins and outs of the trade, the time it takes to deliver a positive turnaround and above all else they know how to manufacture durable and valuable success within this realm of staffing.

Niche Focus

Our recruiting engine is based upon industry-specific skill sets. Each recruiter is trained to utilize a niche-focused approach. We hold our team to the highest standards with metrics based on submittals, interviews, placements and retention rates. Our recruiters understand the importance of identifying KPI’s early on and work steadfastly to meet those KPI’s.

Specialized Recruiters

Each account and account manager is supported by a hand-crafted team of recruiters who are also niche-focused and specialize in high-volume, national, VMS recruiting. Our in-depth knowledge of VMS and MSP programs has enabled us to pride ourselves on a quick response time to requisitions and an ability to make effective placements. We routinely follow up with our candidates and clients to ensure mutually productive success in the workplace.