About Us

Workforce Innovation


Who we are

Endurix works to unite the best talent with the best employment across a national and geographical scope. We have established ourselves as industry leaders by working to place ourselves at the forefront of the Managed Service Provider and Vendor Management System approach to staffing.

Core Values


We understand the importance of our work to our clients, customers, and candiates. We aspire to honor all of our commitments to them.


We know the value of consistent communication and openness in the client relationship and make it the foundation of our practice.


Our reputation is our most valuable asset. Our success depends on yours and your success reflects directly on us, which is why we strive

Agile Staffing

The present day take on staffing.

Endurix is an established leader in Agile Staffing Solutions; we not only work to keep pace with industry changes, but we help candidates master them. With progression at the core of our business model, accompanied by integrity and respect, our team of experienced and dynamic professional recruiters is committed to helping talent reach their highest potential.

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